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Video Description : This video Slave Hypnosis is designed to give a much more intense experience than any other on YouTube, as it is a full FREE MP3 put onto video which is over 31 minutes long. Slave Hypnosis recording takes you from induction to deepeners and in so doing a very deep trance. I have also included some confusion hypnotic deepeners before the main part of the MP3 to make sure you are totally weak and prepared to obey but then again you just want to obey anyway. Submitting to me your one true mistress is all you want to do as submissive is your middle name after all. Submission feels so good, you do not have to think for yourself, you just lay back, relax and let go. I do all the thinking for you. Slave Hypnosis is just one of many of my Slave Hypnosis MP3's please do click on the link below to come along, watch and listen to lots more available on my website. This Slave Hypnosis video is designed to implant a post hypnotic suggestion and trigger that will have you come back for more. You will want to fall to your knees to listen and obey making you feel exceptionally good, repeating the video over and over again. Slave Hypnosis is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 years old and I advise not operating machinery or driving while listening. Feel free to leave a comment they are always welcome and do remember to 'LIKE' and 'SHARE' my Slave Hypnosis video. Thank you for all the views and subscriptions and have a wonderful day. Red Lipstick kisses Raison Detre x or Never listen to Slave Hypnosis while driving a car, operating heavy machinery, or while abusing drugs or alcohol. You must be 18 or of legal age to listen to Slave Hypnosis. If you have epileptic seizures, please consult a doctor before listening to any recording which contain voice-overs or multiple sound effects. If you have high blood pressure or have recurring vertigo or dizziness, please consult a medical physician before listening to any of my recordings and especially Slave Hypnosis. ~.