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Video Description : I don not own the rights to this movie. "CLICK ON "CC" (Closed Caption) FOR BETTER SYNCED SUBTITLES. Make the captions BIGGER by using the "Shorcut /-" feature on SETTINGS. I recommend Yellow Foreground/ Black or Blue Background Subtitles timing and editing by famitsu1. Special thanks to ikeda69. Extra special thanks to caramel1121." Blue (2001) is a Japanese romantic drama directed by Hiroshi Ando based on Blue (manga) by Kiriko Nananan. The film stars Mikako Ichikawa as Kayako Kirishima and Manami Konishi as Masami Endo. The movie was released in Japanese theaters in 2001, and the DVD version was released on March 29, 2003. The film is about two teenage girls, Kayako Kirishima and Masami Endō, who find their friendship turning into something more Cast Mikako Ichikawa as Kayako Kirishima Manami Konishi as Masami Endō Asami Imajuku as Mieko Nakano Ayano Nakamura as Chika Watanabe Yōko Hirayama as Sumida Emiko Ayaka Ota as Ayana Murai Sosuke Takaoka as Mizuuchi Manabu Tasuku Amagishi as Atsushi Kirishima Jun Murakami as older man ~.