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BO2 Emblem Attack - PAPER LUIGI | by ED QuickJap

QuickJap 2012-12-03 50896 View 25

Video Description : In this episode I will be showing how I made my PAPER LUIGI! I hope you enjoy & support this series by leaving a quick like.. Tutorial starts at 0:48 Music: Bustrexx - Joyful Sadness REMIX Sub Me Here: Sub TEAM ED: How to snipe on MW3 How to get good with the Ballistia How to Quickscope with the OSR 50 How to become a Machinima Director How to get good at Black Ops 2 EXTRA TAGS: Call Of Duty Mordern Warfare 2 "black ops 3" cod black ops trailer cheats 3 "Halo 4" zombies treyarch "multiplayer black ops 2" "black ops 2 multiplayer" "black ops II" flak jacket hardline ghost lightweight cold blooded fast hands hard wired dead silence dexterity greed wild cards primary gunfighter msmc skorpion evo iii smr sig556 sa 58 mp7 type 25 dsr 50 m8a1 svu-as tac-45 executioner b23r