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Video Description : In episode 5 of Do Dil...Ek Jaan, aired on 7th June 2013, Govind requests Antara to leave Kashmir Noor informs Antara about Geeta's disappearance from the house. Antara informs Major Choudhary about it. After searching all night, she finds Geeta. Saroj and Govind reach Antara's house. They become shocked on seeing Geeta's condition. The doctor informs Antara that Geeta is in a trauma due to Ashok's death, and advises her to take care of her. Govind requests Antara to leave Kashmir and come to his place. Will Antara agree? To know more, keep watching Do Dil...Ek Jaan... 'Do Dil...Ek Jaan' is a tranquil tale of blossoming love between two pious souls, Raghu and Antara. The show will capture the travails of the two lovers who are brought together by destiny, but their journey is marred by testing ordeals. Ayaaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma will play the roles of Raghu and Antara in the serial. The show brings together a stellar ensemble cast featuring veterans. ~.