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Video Description : Pls,re-uploaded is not allowed, visit me go to special thanks credit song artist: bandari song: The Sound Of Silence Stuffing Ingredients 200 gr,or 1 1/2 , measuring cups tightly. steamed grind mung bean ,peeled 40-50 gr, palm sugar 30 gr oil 1 teaspoon salt 40 gr.,chopped shallots 1 1/2-2 teaspoons pepper (add water 1/4 cup if too dry ) Method **add oil and shallots with low heat ,stir until light golden **add grind mung bean mix with palm sugar ,salt,pepper mix well ,if too dry u can add 1/4 cup pure water **make a ball shape 22-27 balls when still warm ********************** Dough Ingredients 150 gr sticky rice flour 25 gr rice flour 50 gr grated coconut 30 gr palm sugar 40 gr coconut milk 70 gr floating jasmine flower water,or pure water 1/2 teaspoon salt Method **Mix two kinds of flour,grated coconut,sugar,salt,coconut milk together **knead it and add water a little in each time untill all,knead it till well **add some oil paint on plate and hands **flatten a dough ball,add stuffing in the middle of dough,wrap it into a ball shape **leave in temperature roon 15 mins **deep fry,with low heat ,used time 5-7 mins ,remove when it turn to golden brown **make sure for let's it cool down inside also befor coating sugar *********************** Coating Sugar Ingredients 100 gr sugar 70 gr floating jasmine flower water,or pure water Method **mixed sugar and water with low heat ,do not stir **boil until syrub start thick,u will see many bubbles **reduce very low heat and add fried balls into syrub mix until syrub coat all balls ** do not stop stir balls...untill see the balls with white sugarcoat .turn off heat ~.