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Video Description : "NEW BIGFOOT SIGHTING" IN "CHRISTMAS VALLEY OREGON" NEAR "BEND OREGON" "CAUGHT ON VIDEO" We were out hunting when we were lucky enough to have the camera going and spotted what we believe to be Bigfoot in the Christmas Valley Oregon area. According to the locals, there have been many Sasquatch sightings in the Christmas Valley area over the last few months. bigfoot, bigfoot videos, bigfoot sighting bigfoot sightings, freaky, scary, crazy, new sighting, watch, 2012, 2013, funny, videos, freaky, haunted, ghosts, caught on tape, caught on video, bigfoot sightings, big foot, bigfoot found dead, new bigfoot video, finding bigfoot, bigfoot footage, bigfoot monster truck, bigfoot videos, bigfoot sightings 2011, bigfoot sightings 2010, bigfoot sightings 2012, bigfoot sightings 2013, bigfoot sightings 2008, bigfoot sightings 2009, bigfoot sightings 2010, bigfoot sightings 2007, bigfoot sightings 2006, bigfoot sightings 2005, bigfoot sightings 2004, scare tactics bigfoot, bigfoot video, bigfoot found, bigfoot sighting, lost tapes bigfoot, funny bigfoot videos, patterson bigfoot, real bigfoot, bigfoot sounds, san andreas bigfoot, real bigfoot footage, monster quest bigfoot, bigfoot corpse, gta sa bigfoot, monsterquest bigfoot, scary videos, bigfoot prank, strange wilderness bigfoot, ufo sighting, ufo sightings, alien, funny bigfoot, bigfoot documentary, unsolved mysteries bigfoot, bigfoot and wildboy, bigfoot georgia, bigfoot truck, bigfoot body, bigfoot north carolina, bigfoot oregon, bigfoot california, bigfoot 2011, bigfoot 2012, bigfoot 2013, bigfoot 2014, is bigfoot real, sasquatch sightings, georgia bigfoot, lochness monster, bigfoot body found, bigfoot screams, paranormal, monsters, ~.